Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam Today? – My Investigation Report 2015

Product Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Owners: Kyle, Carson
Overall Ranking: 9.0/10 (Outstanding)
Who it is for: Excellent for Beginners – Intermediate folks
Price: $0 for Lifetime Starter Membership (No Credit Cards needed)

Why am I writing this?

I have a mission for – to empower people the necessary knowledge and accurate information on how to create an honest, sustainable, profitable online business without undue investments and risks. And I write every review centered around this principle, so let’s get started…

Overview of Wealthy Affiliate 2015

Let's get started!
Let’s get started!

In short, Wealthy Affiliate is like an online college/university, a place where you can learn, discuss and get support from industry experts about any questions as regards to how to build a successful internet business. It provides a supportive community-based environment for aspiring online entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into reality. WA teaches people how to turn their passion into a meaningful, sustainable, and profitable online enterprise.

Pros & Cons of Wealthy Affiliate


  1. Can start learning immediately with their FREE lifetime starter membership without providing any credit cards information.
    (NOTE: Most programs in the market entice you to pay in advance to “try for 30 days, if not happy I will refund you”. Do not overestimate your benefits there because it is easy for you to get emotionally hooked to stay beyond 30 days!)
  2. Comprehensive Step-by-Step Training
    -> Whether you want to learn keyword research, content creation, basic SEO, email marketing, PPC Marketing etc., it’s all there.
  3. LIVE & Interactive Weekly Video Classes
    -> This is important because the only constant in Internet is change. You must know what’s going on to best prepare strategies for your business.
  4. An Extremely Vibrant Community + 24/7/365 support + LIVE chat room
    -> It is very rare to have an open discussion with members within the community. Even though some programs provide you with some sort of “forums”, those platforms are often inactive and people do not engage at all.
    -> In WA, hundreds of people are constantly helping each others out with their questions. The conversations are endless given the sheer amount of members around the world.
  5. Provide all the TOOLS you need
    -> Starter members get 2 FREE beautifully designed websites (domain + hosting included). Also you get 30 keywords searches in their keyword research tool.
    -> Premium members can build UNLIMITED websites and have UNLIMITED keyword searches.
  6. Direct Access to Product Owners (Kyle & Carson)
    -> Have you tried any products or programs before? It’s highly likely that the product owners DISAPPEAR after the sales page or pre-recorded videos. But Kyle & Carson cares enough to allow people to directly contact them. I have personally asked them questions multiple times and they DO reply with quality answers promptly! I am really grateful for such services 😀
Product owner Kyle answering my questions
Product owner Kyle answering my questions


  1. Getting Overwhelmed
    -> It’s easy to get scared away by the sheer amount of training Wealthy Affiliate provides. Newbies can be turned off and quit.
  2. There is one upsell after you join
    -> The only upsell you may encounter is that the owners may ask you for an upgrade from Starter to Premium membership.
    (Note: However, you can stay in the Starter membership for as long as you want. Your refusal to upgrade does not affect your rights as a starter member.)
  3. The Community can be a potential distraction from your business
    -> As I said, the community is VERY active since members are always answering questions people have. So if you don’t control your attention and focus on your business, you may keep helping people without helping yourself! (just like any other social media sites really.)
  4. You may not see results until Month 4/5 
    -> You want an honest, sustainable, profitable business right? So this is the truth even if you work your butt off! Why? Because a long term business must set a solid foundation (the roots) FIRST before a handsome income can be generated (the fruits). And you nurture it by consistent learning, application and tracking. Remember, any Fortune 500 companies do not rise in months to become a giant in their industry!
  5. Expect the hard (freaking) work 
    -> Internet Marketing is just like any other skills – whether it’s cooking, singing, dancing, public speaking, acting, writing, leadership, persuasion etc. You must commit yourself to MASTERY.
    To be ultra-successful or become an expert, be prepared to master this skill year after year. Have a CANI mindset! That is make Constant And Never-ending Improvement your way of living 😀

Who is Wealthy Affiliate For?

As I mentioned, Wealthy Affiliate is a trustworthy platform that people can safely acquire up-to-date knowledge about building their online business. Such community is fantastic for budding online entrepreneurs, marketers or business owners. So if you have a passion, a skill, a story, a gift to share with the world, Wealthy Affiliate can definitely help you do so.

For example, you can be:

  • A College Student who just want some additional cash
  • A University Graduate who believes there’s something more to achieve than merely following what the society has sold you (i.e. Go to a top uni, Get a decent job, Earn a decent income, and you are happy forever…)
  • An Unsatisfying Employee who cannot find passion in the job
  • An Oppressed Minimum Wage Worker who wants to take charge in  life and work for himself/herself
  • A Loving Stay-At-Home Mom who enjoys taking caring her kids but also wants some additional income to support the family
  • A Baby Boomer who is about to retire and need extra financial security
  • A Retired Veteran who wants to continue sharing his/her experience with the world
  • An Honest Business Owner who struggles how to expand the company’s presence in the web
  • A Fully Satisfied Worker who doesn’t mind a part-time income
  • Etc.

To sum up, anyone with 1. a computer/mobile device 2. an internet connection 3. a heart to serve people can join Wealthy Affiliate!

If you are reading and understand what I am talking about, then YOU are eligible! Congrats! 😀

Who isn’t Wealthy Affiliate For?

Yes, there are certain people that Wealthy Affiliate cannot help, no matter how outstanding the training, tools, help are.

People with the following beliefs will not benefit from WA:

  1. Think they do not need to put in the hard freaking work 
  2. Think they will not encounter any challenges in their entrepreneurial journey
  3. Think they can learn it all without getting help from others
  4. Think they know everything already and stop learning
  5. Think they will become a millionaire in months
    (Note: Yes, I know there are gurus who make 10+ millions in 24 hours. I am not saying you cannot do it. We all can. But I want to emphasize the fact that you MUST learn, grow, master, excel in your mindset, skills, team leadership, business acumen etc. that is necessary in your business to achieve that level of success. It DOES NOT come overnight!)
  6. Think they can build something dishonest, deceptive or fake without providing real value to improve people’s lives
    (Note: Certain people can in fact benefit from doing such thing, but it’s a matter of time when they get exposed and suffer from their tarnished reputation and lack of integrity)

Do you have the above traits? If you do, WA is not for you. Sorry.

However, if these beliefs were sold to you in the past, I would encourage you to step up and stop believing these craps!

Success leaves clue. Any world-class Internet Marketing experts you hear today have gone through their 10+ years of rigorous study, innumerable setbacks, continuous experimentation of what the market wants, face slap by Google or Internet changes etc.

If you want to become the top-tier A players, you must develop the mental toughness and emotional fitness in this entrepreneurial roller coaster. The journey is going to be scary. But ultimately, the rewards will be staggering, the ride will be exhilarating, the experience will be fulfilling.

(Don’t worry. Apart from bringing you knowledge about the best training, is also dedicated to help you develop an unbeatable mind for success in your entrepreneurial venture!)

Ready to change your life? Here’s the training overview

Let me break down what is included inside the WA membership:

Training Overview:

  • Live Weekly Video Training Classes
  • Question and Answer Portal
  • Structured Classrooms (on different specific topics)
  • Step-by-Step task-based courses
  • Interactive Discussions under every course

The Training is current, structured and comprehensive within Wealthy Affiliate. People with beginner experience will benefit.

Weekly LIVE video class
Weekly LIVE video class

Tools Overview:

  • Keyword & Competition Research Tool
  • 3-Click Website Builder (Yes, it’s just that easy to build a website)
  • Unlimited, Free, High-Quality hosting service (for Premium Members)
  • Over 2,000+ website themes to choose (Isn’t this site beautiful?)
  • Rapid Writer (for you to create content)
  • Link Tracking Tool (help you optimize your campaigns)

All tools and services that are necessary for your business is included! You can save money on growing your business.

Community Overview:

  • 24/7/365 Live Chat Room
  • Very Responsive and helpful people available to help you on any questions (Oh, WA is my second home now!)
  • Interactive Discussions in every training and post
  • Private 1-0n-1 support with founders of WA (Kyle & Carson)
  • Private access to ANY experts inside
  • Bonus: Private access to me 🙂
24/7/365 active LIVE chat may be distracting!
24/7/365 active LIVE chat may be distracting!

Do you know why I cherish this feature so much?

It’s because I know that at times we will feel lonely, frustrated and lost in our journey. It feels like I am the only fighter on this quest. I always had such feelings when I first started out. Not until had I got so much immediate help, support and inspiration from the WA community did I realize that an active, supportive, and honest community is essential for your long term success!

Investment Overview:

Wealthy Affiliate has 2 membership price points:

Starter Membership: USD$0 for lifetime access (Join Here)
Premium Membership: USD$47 per month or USD$359 per year (36% off) (Join Here)

And that’s all the things WA will ever sell you. No up-sells. No hidden costs. No lies.

Please see the comparison table:

WA Comparison Table

Final Words before you join…

If you have found this website, it is likely that you are people with the following questions in mind:

  1. I have been scammed in the past, I don’t want to experience that again, is WA really an honest place to learn?
  2. I have seen so many websites that give WA a thumbs up, this makes things skeptical, is WA that good?
  3. Even though I am convinced, I am still not sure based on my past bad experiences. What’s your best advice for me?

Let me tackle your questions one-by-one:

Answer 1: 
You are in the exact position as me before I join WA.

Not sure if you’ve read my little bio, I had been an eager learner when I started online. The very first program I joined (which I will later review) taught me that all I need in my business is a one-page opt-in site. I was persuaded, so I bought the main course, bought the so-called “Elite Coaching” up-sell to accelerate my results, attended every webinar they hosted and paid another additional fees to attend their “Broadcast of the LIVE seminar”. Such a course was nearly $600 in total. (Without calculating the additional $1,000 tools and services I bought!)

Anyway, the business model they taught isn’t as easy as they first told us. Email list is crucial but you need a solid backbone for your business and that’s why you must have a high-quality content-rich website.

Worse still, along the way after the course, I was constantly promoted for other “complimentary” products for further education. Well, I spent another thousand trying this and buying that. And the results? I developed the “Shiny Object Syndrome”, something most products in the market understand and that’s why they promise you instant gratification.

Luckily I noticed my behavior and stopped to reflect how I should continue my online education long term. I then conducted a thorough research in the marketplace to see if there’s something real, honest, sustainable, low-cost to join, and supportive… which brings me to…

Answer 2:
I was shocked by the sheer amount of positive reviews for Wealthy Affiliate. And that’s why I was even more skeptical about it.

I thought, “These people writing reviews must be dishonest who try to manipulate the market…”

And that’s a motive why I decided to join WA. I wanted to expose just another scam so that my brain will say, “See? I told you there’s no one you can trust in Internet Marketing.”

So I grabbed their FREE Starter Membership, fully-utilized their tools & services, kept asking questions in the chat room, went through training after training, with an intent to find out another scam.

But on Day 5, I found that I was wrong. I was dead wrong…

WA is a real deal. It is something I have been hoping and looking for. Training are solid, tools for a web business are there, the community is always active, product owners (Kyle & Carson) are always answering my questions…

I am speechless. I am really grateful to have found WA.

Answer 3:
Don’t worry if you don’t believe anything I said. I understand that you have lost faith in this industry.

So my best advice is to just test everything with your FREE Starter Account, go and scrutinize the heck out of it. Bombard the community with questions. Quiz the product owners with their expertise. Build your free website there. Go through the training available. Yell at me there and tell people how awesome I am (just kidding…)

Sometimes in life, you really cannot ‘get it’ until you see, hear, feel, experience yourself first hand. So I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and become a ruthless judge about Wealthy Affiliate.

What you will see in the sign up page
What you will see in the sign up page

Summary of Wealthy Affiliate

Product Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Sales Page URL:
Owners: Kyle, Carson
My Overall Ranking: 9.0/10 (Superb)
Who it is for: Excellent for Beginners – Intermediate folks
Price: $0 for Lifetime Starter Membership (No Credit Cards needed)

Verdict: Highly Recommended


P.S. Are you an online affiliate marketer? Do you know how to build a successful affiliate marketing online business? If you need help, here’s something I recommend.


Feel free to comment below if you have any questions!


Founder of Smart Ontrepreneur

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42 thoughts on “Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam Today? – My Investigation Report 2015

  1. Great and honest review! I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I agree that it is awesome. It does take work to achieve success, but the training and community at WA really helped me out. Wish I found out about WA sooner!

    1. Hey Dallen, thanks for your kind words! Yup, the support in WA just stands out among all other’s courses and programs.
      Enjoy your learning in WA and wish you all the success in your business! 🙂

  2. Hey Keye, awesome review! You have left no stone unturned to give your readers an insight into the fabulous learning tools and community we have over at WA. Kudos to you!

    1. Thank you Claire! I hope that every review can provide people with sufficient information before they consider buying it or not. Look forward to hearing from your success! 🙂

  3. Hello Keye, great review, thank you! I have been scammed by George Brown with “Google Sniper” two years ago. This guy seems to fetch any option to scam people. As a Wealthy Affiliate member I can master the most difficult issues coming across, because I get help instantly from a really great community. And it´s fine to find myself in the Chat photo above. Nice greetings from Nik 12! 🙂

    1. Hey Nik! Too bad that you fell victim to George’s trick!
      Yaa, you can learn a lot more and get A LOT of support from the WA community, it’s such a great place to help each other out!
      Good luck with your lovely site on drums & kids! 🙂

  4. I have joined Wealthy Affiliates this month and I am really happy about the great support an helpful information that this community provides. Unlike the many other “make fast money online universities” I feel that on WA I get real value and real tools for making my goals come true.
    I can only recommend!

    1. I am glad to hear that Dovits! I am sure you will be very happy learning in WA and getting the support you need in building your online business 🙂

  5. Hi Keye
    I was about to buy this inbox blueprint and I was like 90% sure it’s gonna be number 1,however after reading your experience with it I’m having second thought, I’m new to this business model and I have to learn alot, there’s too much hype about inbox blueprint and I think it does not deliver as they say it does.

    1. Hello Sina,

      While I do not think Inbox Blueprint is bad or a scam, I do think that it’s a bit hyped during the sales process and it over-exaggerated the easiness of email marketing. It is a fairly ok course but after you finish it, you are somehow left alone to learn how to drive traffic to your funnel.
      Also, the price of the course is a bit high for beginners, so it’s not my #1 recommendation.

      Let me know if you have further questions on how to proceed with this online business!


    1. Thank you Virgilio 🙂
      The purpose of these articles are really to help people to succeed in affiliate marketing for people to succeed 🙂

  6. Wonderful review! I wish I had started WA long ago, if only I had known about it sooner! Even when I did find out about it I did not join immediately, the reason being, like you said in the article, there are so many frauds in the business and many of us lost faith, but joining WA requires no risk taking, just a commitment to work and join a community full of inspired and motivated online marketers. I hope more people get this chance at WA! All my best to you,


    1. Nice point Rabbit!
      One more thing I like about WA is that it has a huge online community who interact with one another and offer guidance and support.

  7. Your style is so unique in comparison to other folks I’ve read stuff from.

    Many thanks for posting when you’ve got the opportunity, Guess I will just book mark this page.

  8. Hello Keye
    What a great and thorough review! I can definitely agree with you where Wealthy Affiliate are concerned. It was so refreshing to find an honest organisation that didn’t just want as much money as possible from you. I have had a very fruitful time at WA – I cannot believe that I have built several websites and I never ever would have thought I could have done that a year ago!

    Keep up the good reviews Keye,


  9. Thanks for the great read! I am already a WA member, yet still benefited from reading your post. You offer great wisdom and perspective that makes me feel even more reassured about my decision. Well done! Diana

  10. This is such a great detailed review. I myself have been a WA member for over a year now and would highly recommend it, BUT as you said, you have to be willing to put in the freaking work 🙂

    But if you really want to be successful you know there is no get rich quick scheme that actually works.

    I also like your presentation of the community at WA. You are right in saying that is is both active and a distraction. But it is one of the best resources at WA. One thing I can recommend therefor for newbies is to interact and be helpful, but don’t use it as a procrastination tool 🙂

    1. I agree with you Sarah, we should prioritize what needs to be done for our site while helping fellow online entrepreneurs at Wealthy Affiliate.

  11. I think it is easy to agree about your conclusions on Wealthy Affiliate. I myself have passed through it and built two sites there. But I must say that I dislike the idea of using the word scam in the title associated with Wealthy Affiliate.

    It is good that you stress precisely for whom Wealthy Affiliate is not and that people should not expect miracles by joining. Thank you for the text..

  12. Hey Keye, you have summed wealthy affiliate up nicely and I agree with you, you need to understand it does take work wealthy affiliate isn’t for those who thinks money will just fall into their lap overnight. As there isn’t such of a thing it takes dedication and hard work. But with that being said, once you have followed the training step by step you will soon enough start seeing the results starting to work and all your hard work will pay off.

    I have been with wealthy affiliate now for 1 yr and I love it, I would be completely lost without their training. I have accomplished so much because of WA, I work at it each and every day.

    I do agree that the community is wonderful however the live chat can be very time-consuming and which you can get caught up chatting for hours if your not careful and not get any of your work done, I like to pop in every once in awhile to say hi and help as much as I can, though I usually only spend about 1/2hr no more.

    What I like the most is that all my questions are usually answered simply by typing in the search bar and my answer is there, if it isn’t then I would simply ask a community question and wait a few minutes for an answer.

    Wealthy Affiliate is for anyone looking to learn how to build a business online no matter what your technique skills are, as long as you have a computer and an internet connection, I definitely would recommend it to anyone who is seeking a way to earn extra money on the side or perhaps even supplement your monthly earnings, of course with hard work it’s possible. Your review will definitely help those seeking more information on Wealthy Affiliate, great job!

  13. Great and honest review of WA!

    As a newbie myself with WA, I can agree with everything you said above. The support community is the greatest. Response time on questions is fabulous!

    I hope anyone reading your article who is skeptical about an opportunity like this will go ahead and give WA a shot.

    Great job!

    1. Hi Melanie,

      I also hope more people will join Wealthy Affiliate so that they will also experience the success the current WA members are having right now.

  14. Hello Keye,

    A very honest and detailed review about Wealthy Affiliate. I am a WA member for almost 3 months and I totally agree with you that building an online business takes a lot of time and effort, but it’s all going to worth it.

    Everything is much more easier and enjoyable when you have a whole awesome community that supports you. We share our experiences, learn from each other and avoid making mistakes that other made before. The support at WA is really something that encourage you to work more.

    And as WA members we have access to the best training in the industry and we are shown step by step how to start and grow our online business. Doing all of this on our own would have been tough.

    But with the right training and this supportive community, everything is achievable. I always say to myself, work hard now and enjoy the benefits later. 🙂

    Everyone who is looking for a way to work from home and earn an additional income or why not, a full time income, should give Wealthy Affiliate a try. These days building an online business can be very easy and it’s fun once you chose a niche that you love.

    Keep it up,

    1. Hi Cristina,

      I really love the webinar trainings and the supportive community members at WA. These helps me keep updated of the latest strategies and techniques in online marketing and I can always ask and receive help whenever their are some things Im doubtful.

  15. Hi Keye,

    You have an interesting take about Wealthy Affiliate. I really like the way that you wrote your article, pointing out who it is for and who it is not for.

    I also like the way that you listed one of the ‘buts’ as being helpful in the WA forum. It remains me of the safety message provided by airlines before flying where they recommend for people with young children that in an event of the air masts being deployed, to get your air mast on first BEFORE helping your children and others.


    1. Hi David,

      Thanks, I want my article to be clear and for the online entrepreneurs who is reading this to be well informed.

  16. Hi, what a useful article. Wealthy Affiliate sounds a great company to work with to build up your websites and very cost effective judging by everything that is included. The training sounds great – is it beginner friendly? Can anyone join or is it just US based? Is it a really well known company with a good reputation?

    1. Hi Sammi,

      To answer your questions:

      Yes, Wealthy Affiliate helps both the beginner and experience online entrepreneurs as it provides training and webinars for both and the members are very helpful whenever you have questions. Just post a question or use the live chat and you will get your answers fast.

      Yes, anyone can join WA from all over the world.

      And WA is a really well known company with a good reputation. It has a lot of members and there are lot of good reviews about WA in the web. Feel free to browse other reviews and you will find more positive ones.

  17. Hi Keye,

    What an excellent review on Wealthy Affiliate I couldn’t stop reading your article to the very end.

    What really glued me on was the comparison of Pros & Cons. I like to read pros and cons so I can see the bigger picture and make an educated decision.

    I also had to smile when I read the section for whom is Wealthy Affiliate for and for not. You said it loud and clear and I have to agree. It certainly made me think if I am still on the page and have what it takes to move on?

    I also like that there is a Live Training available too. I am a very visual person and just from reading alone have sometimes a hard time to envision what is been said.

    I do appreciate your article very much, thank you.

    1. Hi Sylvia,

      I agree 🙂

      What are really like about Wealthy Affiliate are the live trainings about the recent updates on online marketing which keeps me updated on the latest techniques and strategies I needed to improve and promote my site.

  18. Hi Keye,
    What a long and very helpful review! You dind’t forget anything, you provided everything about Wealthy Affiliate. It is really well done who ever reads your review will be well informed at the end. You are saying truth and I can also highly recommend wealthy affiliate programs to all.

    1. Thanks Charlotte!

      I wanna help more online entrepreneurs through my high value and informative articles achieve their goals!

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